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Serpent of the Nine Winds by Radiancy
Serpent of the Nine Winds
It's finally done! I lost count of how many hours I've spent on this one too, I'd say more or less 15 hours again. 
This is the picture I've mentioned about on my previous smite fanart -- I've been insane enough to continue this! (it was forgotten on my January drawings folder).
Decided to finish this because I wanted to get a break from college work, but I'll need to continue them now before I get to sleep :'D

Anywaaay, Kukulkan! The reason I got into SMITE and my all-time favorite god because I fell in love with his design since the first time I've seen it ;o;
Even though there's still mistakes here and there, I like how it came out! 


Kukulkan (c) SMITE
Art (c) me
It's Finally Over by Radiancy
It's Finally Over
Queen Izkaph from ARVEN92's Azarian Stories - Sleight of Hand! 
She's absolutely wonderful and there's no way to dislike her -- I believe, at least ;u;

Anyway, I've had something like this portrayed on my mind since I've read the last chapter (it also inspired me for the background and atmosphere again too!).

Her design was tough to get right and it might have still some flaws. I'm really sorry if it does! I know I got her cape wrong, because it's attached to her necklace and I noticed it when I was almost finishing. I apologize for that too ;n;
The order of the beads on the necklace probably are mistaken too xD

Gosh, I need to practise anthro anatomy more, it kills me :C
Overall I'm pleased with the result even with these mistakes!

~ I'll be slowing replying comments, I've been feeling exausted and lacking motivation to do absolutely everything;;

Read the story here:…
Inspired by:…

Izkaph (c) ARVEN92
Art (c) me
Dragon King of the Eastern Seas by Radiancy
Dragon King of the Eastern Seas
~I've been travelling lately, sorry for dissapearing!~

I finally decided to post this.
So. This is the longest pic I ever worked on and I really like the outcome! I lost count of how many hours I've worked on it, probably around 15 hours. Even though I liked it that much, something made me insecure to post it on dA (Finished this on January 13). I guess it's because it's a dragon and people usually aren't interested on them that much xD

Anyway, this is the dragon form of one of my favorite gods from the game Smite - Ao Kuang. When I started to play it, the old Ao was already taken away from the game so I never got to play with him before, but I've seen pictures and some videos of his gameplay and I thought he'd be a enjoyable god to play with (specially because he was a dragon!).
Honestly, when his remodel came out, I didn't like it because I had stuck on my head that he should have been kept a dragon and etc. My brother played a lot of matches with him and I started to like his gameplay. I've lent him and REALLY liked to play with and it started to draw my attention until I finally bought him~ Now everytime I have a chance of getting the role of a mage on the team, Ao Kuang is my very first choice. 

Since then, I've always wanted to do something about his dragon form and I've decided I'd work as hard as I could, no matter how time it'd take. I've watched a lot of videos to get his details and design, but I still have done a few things wrong. ;A;

Ao Kuang only will never beat Kukulkan, my favorite god all the timeeee <3 (I'm already doing a picture like this of Kukulkan, I just don't know when it'll be finished~)

Anyway, hope you like it!!

**Feb 23th: Edited the eye colours!**

Background was inspired by his in-game card found here: SMITE AoKuang - It was also used as reference for getting his design right~ (I failed on it, but oh well, I really enjoyed making it anyway).

Ao Kuang (c) SMITE
Art (c) me
Painful Sorrow by Radiancy
Painful Sorrow
I was in the mood of drawing a full-body of him so here it is :'D
I adopted this character a while ago and I'm still experimenting stuff with his design~

Hope you like it!
*runs to online games now*

Art; Character (c) me
You're mine, Razer by Radiancy
You're mine, Razer
Fanart for ARVEN92 of her wonderful character Iza! She's one of my favorites from "Azarian Stories - Sleight Of Hand" <3
Honestly, I wasn't a fan of her in the beginning because of her behavior towards Urbeth and Aznor and such, but when discovering her reasons and how much she suffered because of her past...
I've always wanted to do an Iza fanart after that chapter but I lacked inspiration and... skills. Because as you can see, my anthro/human anatomy is terrible (that's why it only shows a little bit of it) :'D
Anddd inspiration came after reading this epic chapter: A.S. Sleight Of Hand - Chapter 25~

Background and atmosphere were all referenced from Arven's pic!

I'm sorry for not being able to make her enough justice, but I really love her and your work ;u;
~ I'm also grateful for featuring me on a page of Chakra some weeks ago!

Iza (c) ARVEN92
Art (c) me 


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello there! I'm a shy person, so you probably won't see me leaving feedbacks around the site. Also, even though I'm ~very~ slow on it, I always try to answer the comments I receive.

Sorry in advance for my English mistakes ;w;






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