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Don't be a lone wolf.
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Bright [remake] by Radiancy
Bright [remake]
Okay, not 100% a remake, but was highly referenced from this:… (Added some spines on his head though and little details were changed) I wish I had done a fullbody again, but the sketches were crap.

It turned out pretty simple, though I've struggled a lot to get the colors right. I'm still learning how to paint and use colors properly, black/too dark colors are hard to use;;

I wanted to gift oo0ace0oo as it's his birthday today~
He uses that 2012 version until now, so an upgrade after more than 3 years would be a good thing to think about. I guess
I never finish gifts in time, so I'm glad I could at least once.

Happy birthday, Resic! I hope you have a great day and that everything works out well for you! You deserve it C:
Thanks for being supportive and a wonderful friend! We must talk more ;u;

I'm REALLY sleepy so I'm going to rest and just leave this here.

**Only oo0ace0oo is allowed to use this.**

Art; Character (c) me
Ultimate Strike by Radiancy
Ultimate Strike
I've dedicated more time than I should have into this. Well, this was for our Digital Painting class on college. My dA has been dead for a long time, so another reason to post this

This is a SMITE fanart featuring some of my favorite characters, Kukulkan and Ao Kuang on his dragon form.
It became way too crowded and kinda polluted, so I don't think I could give Kuku such a clear visibility (even with those little lightnings around him. He wasn't on my first concept -- which had only Ao Kuang, though it had to be slightly changed for fitting teacher's advice.

Proportions are exaggerated on purpose and perspective might be off.

Texturized just for uploading here, I think it's a little better!

Texture (c) Sirius-sdz…
Ao Kuang; Kukulkan (c) SMITE
Art (c) me 
N u m b by Radiancy
N u m b
Hi guys! After tons of months I'm finally posting again because motivation for doing college stuff is zero and I remembered my dA is gathering dust so;
I apologize for the uber inactivity, like seriously I'm so sorry =_=

This is a 30 minute painting I did just to relax a bit and to prove I'm not dead :'D 
Painting style is way different from what you're used to see from me, though I've been learning new "techniques" in college and now I'm practising them! (they're so much fun to do and play with)~ I'm quite pleased with the result.

Have my girl Audrey <3

Now back to work *rolls away*

Texture used:… (c) JakezDaniel
Art; Character (c) me
This is my Paradise by Radiancy
This is my Paradise
ignore random title, i have no clue of what to put
FINALLY FINISHED IT! I had so much trouble -- stomachache and headache yesterday and huge house cleaning to do today -- so I thought I wouldn't get it in time, but I'm so glad I did!
This is for RoxyWolf, it's her birthday today and I didn't want to miss out... I owe her so much~

Have a great day and birthday, friend, you totally deserve it!

Oh yes, I got inspiration for the background here… XD

I'm pretty hungry so I'm going to have dinner now

Character (c) RoxyWolf
Art (c) me
Butterfly Wolf by Radiancy
Butterfly Wolf
I finally got this done! Games have been taking my time more than they should =_=

This is an idea that has been floating through my mind for days and I think it became better than what I had first imagined! It happens once in a million times XD
Wolferiel was the inspiration for the character, I imagined her wolf form to be something like this (those purple things on her back are butterfly wings). I wanted to add some different features, markings and such but it got too crowded so I'll leave these for the next time.


Character (c) Wolferiel
Art (c) me 


Radiancy's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello there! I'm a shy person, so you probably won't see me leaving feedbacks around the site. Also, even though I'm ~very~ slow on it, I always try to answer the comments I receive. I've been pretty busy with college, so I apologize for taking so long to answer you!

I truly appreciate all the Watches, Favorites and Comments! Thank you so much <3

Sorry in advance for my English mistakes ;w;






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And you? How've you been? It's been so long since we last talked!
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xD Wow. College work sounds tough.

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Awesome! I'll try to be as well~ I usually answer your messages when you're already offline there, though I'm not sure if you get them D:

And I'm glad to hear that!!
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